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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thing 2 Libray 2.0

I really thought Stephen Abram had some very good points about using time wisely and setting priorities. It made me feel a bit informed to know I use all except two of the sources he was talking about. For sure the IM tool is great for communicating with family that is not close by. Reading the article about l2 was very thought provoking. I feel that the school libraries I am a part of could use some innovative ideas to perk up the energy in them but I don't know what to do. There is a real tug of war with using the technology and keeping the physical book collection current. It is my hope to introduce Netlibrary to the staff and show them that they can read parts of books online if they choose. I had a problem with accessing ELM much the same as I would guess some would have problems accessing Netlibrary. I think many people shy away from using the technology for this very reason, it doesn't always work the first time. I think we as media people are so used to troubleshooting equipment it is second nature to teach a class and get something working at the same time. In a perfect world every computer would work every time someone sat down at it. It's not a perfect world but we can keep trying to make it a better one.

Thing #1

I'm finally getting back to this project. I got signed up and then didn't get anymore accomplished. I created my Avatar and enjoyed the creative process. I keep thinking how I hope these baby steps into the digital arena will eventually close the digital gap I feel between myself and my own grown children and some students. I can see this as being a wonderful tool for communicating with peers as well as family members who are out of the country. I am a bit hesitant about putting too much personal information on my blog page. Is anyone else uneasy filling out all of the information asked for? I know you don't have to put much in and I didn't. I will be trying to get caught up on the next thing.